Lilly Ass Witch


The Universe is always talking to us through messages we hear, see, dream, feel. We can only ignore them for so long before they throw you a road block to make sure you are listening. 

We all came to earth for a purpose to fulfill. An agreement we made in full detail on the other side before being born. These agreements gave us lessons and challenges here to repay karma from the past and build good karma for soul ascension.

When we are born we pass through the veil that makes us forget our agreement. As we go through life we get insights and nudges for which direction to take. When we awaken to knowing we are here from a much bigger place than earth, we must keep reminding ourselves this so we don't get distracted by unimportant earth issues like having a spotless kitchen or some guy on the highway cut you off and, "nobody has any respect anymore" rant comes to your lips.  The veil is good at making you forget or become distracted so take a deep breath, relax and focus on what you have control over, YOU.

Don't take it all so seriously. We are floating on a giant rock, existing in a galaxy of millions of stars and endless nights so laughing along the way is important too.

Are you interested in knowing about your past lives?

Are you unsure of what you want to do with your life?

Do you struggle with chronic health issues?

Do you want to hear what your higher self has to say to you?

Connect with a past loved one.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis can answer all these questions (See the QHHT®  tab on bottom of the page, for more information on the Quantum Healing Techique) 

Each session is different for each person, The SC or Spirit will take you through what you are meant to experience and see.

You are put into the deepest state of relaxation called the somnambulisic state where we will explore a past life and connect to your higher self for answers.

All sessions are recorded for you to listen to for further insight and self reflection.

Working on ourselves and overcoming past pains heal our spirits so we can enjoy our time on earth and fulfill our missions.

Never forget we are all ONE in the universe. No one is ever alone and we have a tribe of spirits helping us with every step we take. They hear and  see it all. So stay good and honest or they will be kicking your butt if you don't.