Lilly Ass Witch


Do you feel the Magick in you,

that knowing deep inside.


The Universe is always talking to us through messages we hear, see, dream, feel.  

We all came to earth for a purpose to fulfill. An agreement we made in detail on the other side before being born. These agreements gave us lessons and challenges to learn which help our souls ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

When we are born we pass through the veil that makes us forget our agreement. As we go through life, we get insights and nudges for which direction to take. When we awaken to knowing we are here from a much bigger place, we must keep reminding ourselves this so we don't get distracted by unimportant earth issues like having a spotless kitchen or some guy on the highway cut you off and, "nobody has any respect anymore" rant comes to your lips.

The veil is good at making you forget or become distracted so take a deep breath, relax and focus on what you have control over, YOU.

Living on Earth is not an easy task. Only the bravest souls come here and you are one of them! 

The best thing we can do for ourselves is learn not to take it all so seriously. We are meant to enjoy life! We're all out here floating on a giant rock, existing in a galaxy of stars so make sure to laugh at the confusion along the way. 

The world can change. It all starts with people looking inward and becoming more aware of their thoughts and actions towards themselves and others. We are moving out of the old ways of harshness, rigidness and violence and moving into understanding and letting people live the life they love.

Constant fear and misery is exhausting, why are you holding on to it so hard?

The more people that raise their consciousness and focus on being better for the good of all, the easier it will be.

We are all ONE in the universe.