Hypnosis Sessions

Lilly Ass Witch

Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis works best when you are open to the experience. Fighting the process doesn't bring results. If you are serious about learning, connecting with your higherself and becoming healthier, happier and more enlightend these sessions would be a good fit for you.

Hypnosis sessions are around 3-6 hrs long, so please be aware of this when booking. We can't rush through the process if you need to leave early ect.

Each session is different for each person, Spirit will take you through what you are meant to experience and see.

You are put into the deepest state of relaxation called the somnambulisic state where we will explore a past life and connect to your higher self for answers.

All sessions are recorded for you to listen to for further insight and self reflection.

What to bring with you to your session?

1. Bring with you a list of three specific questions you'd like answered.

2. Wear comfy clothes

3. An open mind. Whatever comes in is meant for you.